Each day we are impacted upon by any number of things, those relationships closest to us, our quality of sleep, what we learn from the local news, even the weather report.

While we all may hope to have the strength to change those things we can and to have the patience to withstand those we cannot and to have the wisdom to know the difference, the reality is we can all benefit from the perspective of another – someone not as emotionally connected to our story. It can be really very helpful to have someone in our corner whose sole purpose is to help us be our best selves, to help us see the opportunities and recognize the gifts we’ve been given. I believe that things of greatness can be accomplished when we are working with others.

For example…

  • Managing Change – Moving beyond the power of positive thinking
  • Defining Your Values – Clarifying conversations to help guide your daily living and active pursuits
  • How to have a Conversation – Moving beyond the traditional “effective communication” courses, with your colleagues, friends and family, to help increase connections and community
  • Incorporating Playfulness- Warning: this often results in increased creativity, more smiles and overall improved quality of life
  • In Training – Getting fit for an event, a class reunion, a wedding, an action adventure trip or just want more vitality in your ever fay life? Utilizing Pilates, yoga, personal training, nutrition and planning we can craft a plan that optimizes YOU!


Ainka is the most thoughtful, skillful, and passionate practitioner with whom I’ve had the privilege to train. She takes great care to treat, train, and celebrate each of her clients as an individual, while at the same time making each of us feel and believe that good health, good posture, and overall wellness is not only our right, but well within our reach, no matter what we look like or how much money we do
or do not have. I have benefitted by working with Ainka in numerous ways. Not only aesthetically (weight loss, firmer and toner muscles), but also emotionally. Ainka’s classes are opportunities to bond with other individuals equally as enthusiastic
about her talent and equally appreciative of how freely she shares it. We often marvel at how she is able to nurture and counsel us while also pushing us to give our all in our sessions, holding nothing back.

Kimberly H.