From a very early age we are asked, “what do you want to be when you grow-up?”

Fast forward years later, and many of us are living and working in a life that may not be quite what we imagined – even if we did define it at age seven, seventeen or twenty-seven. As we mature, grow, learn and change often so do our desires for the type of contribution we want to make. In fact, increasingly many people by necessity have to reinvent themselves, more than once, within the span of their careers.

Organizations must also be ready to re-invent themselves, as markets shift, expand and dry up. How the people within the organization are supported (or not) through that change process can make all the difference in achieving successful outcomes or merely wading in the muck of mediocrity or worse!

In both of the above scenarios the process doesn’t have to be traumatic. With guidance and assistance you might even enjoy the journey.  Therefore, your needs define work. Even if that means starting by helping you define what you need.

For example…

  • Self-assessments, for the individual or the organization – Use of tools like MBTI, Career Leader, Skill Scan, Hogan, Strong Inventory and more to help define areas of strength and challenge
  • Managing Change, for the individual or the organization – Working through the unknown requires some level of embracing that life is largely improvisational. With that in mind what are the skills and actions needed to support the best possible outcomes and confidence in the role we play to make them happen?
  • Networking – For those who don’t want to, as well as for those who do
  • Professional Stress Management – Symptoms of fatigue are common when there is stress on the job or when looking for the next job. There are tools specific to this experience that can be helpful
  • The 360 Degree Life, for the individual or the organization – Create a plan for a lifestyle and culture that supports healthy eating, exercise and restorative habits that help optimize what you have to offer and what the team is able to deliver


I have been working with Ainka for over two years. At this point in our relationship, I consider her both a friend and a trainer. My overall stress level has decreased due in large part to Ainka’s wholistic approach. She has the intuition and professionalism to continue to push me beyond my limits while positively motivating me. In this short-time I have completely strengthened my body to the point where I am no longer prone to injury or pain. She has helped me to overcome mental barriers in my pursuit of good health. I have used her coaching to help overcome barriers in other parts of my life. This year has been particularly challenging. Ainka has given me practical advice around stress management which has included physical activity, a referral to an acupuncturist and shifts in how I look at and approach many things in my life. I have also attended her goal setting workshops which have helped me to develop an action-oriented approach to work, physical, and personal goals. In the past it did not seem like being healthy was attainable, but I now have new ways to think about and live my life and new skills to support my wellbeing. I use these same tools to achieve in other areas of my personal life.

Lisa K.