My Story

I am a Wellness Coach, helping clients reach a wide array of goals – around career, fitness, education, healthy eating, weight loss and stress management, for example. After many years of working with people as a recruiter, trainer, career adviser, hiring manager and human resources professional I frequently began to see people manifesting their anxiety, fear and hard work in ways that were harmful to their bodies. Headaches, insomnia, hair loss, lethargy and more were present. Often one did not make the connection between the stress of a job search, the loss of a loved one, starting a new business or other life changes and the discomfort in their bodies.

Yet I had experienced that very thing at an extreme when towards the end of the first-year of my MBA program I suffered a migraine for 30 days. I visited about a dozen different doctors and was prescribed about a dozen different medications that did not help. When it was suggested that I take antidepressants, although I wasn’t depressed, I decided to explore alternatives. I changed my diet, began a yoga practice and got a personal trainer. Within two weeks my migraine and the scary side affects finally began to disappear. I found a great secret and wanted to share it with as many people as possible!

Fast forward two many years (and a number of no-fault car accidents) and it was Pilates and Rolfing along with Physical Therapy that made the difference in my recovery. I was stronger, more balanced, centered and aligned than I’d been before the first car accident. It was soon after that I decided to offer more options to others. Helping someone find work that is fulfilling is very satisfying. Working with someone live a life that is fulfilling is extremely satisfying. What we eat, how we move (or don’t) and how we work through difficulties impacts the totality of our experiences. None of this living happens in isolation. Healthy people tend to be more productive. Working in support of our own well-being tends to contribute to our peace of mind. It is a privilege to partner with people on the rigorous, yet often thrilling, work of constantly organizing a life that they can love! I am grateful for the opportunity.


The intersection of where all these skills meet supports YOU in WELLNESS!!!